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In order to lower my presence in the social media I created this site. Here you'll find news, a blog with actual activities and information about the kids playground in Arenal, Belize, that I wanted to built.

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I promise - in my next life I'll be vegetarian
Hans 18.01.2024

Yes I know - in order to eat meat you need to kill animals, and it is not too good for the environment, to raise all these animals. But I really love a good steak - I adore a pork chop or (see the pic) a great piece of real ham and I get the best quality from the meat shop of Ko-Ox Han Na- Yummy

Ferme Auberge Chez Edgar in Lavatoggio, Corse
Hans 31.05.2023

Some of my very best eating experiencs ever - 5 course dinner each night, amazing ambiente, perfect service and an incredible quality of Corsican cusine - I am still very much amazed about this experience

Back in my favorite destination
Hans 30.06.2022

Hotel Maristella, Algajola, Corsica - 24 years after my first employment here and 6 years after my second - oooops I am back again in 2022. I have been hired for 4 months to help with some issues and just love to be here - Corsica, island of beauty and yes, it is for sure the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean

One of the most important movies I ever saw
Hans 25.05.2022

Kiss the ground - Climate change can be repaired, if we just stop this de-naturalized way of agriculture! - STOP "Roundup"! STOP Glyphosat. Put carbon back in the soil!

San Martin - Guatemala
Hans 05.11.2022

San Martin - ohhhhhh - this is my treatment early in the morning for breakfast: Freshly baked bread, croissants, cakes, chillaquiles, fresh juces, granola and the smiling people who work for San Martin - I will never ever have breakfast in my hotel, as long as there is a San Martin close

Just started fundraising for the kids playground
Hans 20-09-2021

Even with a lost salary for one full season I started to realize the kids playground in Arenal. In order to be able to still donate a big part for this project my former company allowed me to work online 4 months for free and they'll donate my part now!

Selling Pizza now in Arenal
Hans 03-09-2021

Started end of August to sell Pizza in Arenal - Pizza Peperoni, Pizza Hawaii, Pizza Vegetariana, Pizza Four Cheeses available many Fridays in Arenal

The love of my life
The Hans  december 2020

The best event in my life is October 6, 2014, date of birth of the sweetest creature in the world - Zahara. She enlightens my day since then and filled so much love into my daily life. It is a gift, day by day to walk some steps in her life with her - I really love you, Zahara Aveline <3

Salamander Hideaway - Belize
The Hans  december 2020

One of the most amazing jobs in my career was to manage Salamander Hideaway 13 Miles North of San Pedro, Belize - very remote - very natural - very cool - sustainable with solar and wind power. 8 cabanas and a lot of European customers,many celebrities and some very cool owners - Richard & Maria made this place so special

Fakarava - French Polynesia
The Hans  Dec 14, 2020

One of my 2 favorite destinations: French Polynesia - especially Fakarava: Beautiful people with a smile in the face, magical dances, amazing fresh and natural food, black pearls, the most amazing blue in the ocean and perfect vibes

Club Calimera Monastir - Tunisie
The Hans  Dec 16, 2020

Amazing resort with activities & entertainment - but also very difficult, as the structure was very old and ready for renovation - no a/c, rotten structure and bad conditions due to the work ethic in the Arabian world and a stupid, mentally ill area manager. But we had pure fun with amazing shows and sports options

Ginger & Cooper Arenal - Belize
The Hans  Feb 03, 2021

Our 2 dogs - good friends - buddies and security agents for our house and property,and they both do a great job. I never learned to live and deal with dogs - Nadja taught me and I never want to miss any more days without dogs.They're  just amazing creatures - always honest and loyal, happy and loving <3

No new kids playgound for Arenal

Our kids do not have any playground - the former playground is destroyed and in horrible conditions. I've been living in the village since 2004 and wanted to do something especially for the kids. So I decided to donate US$ to start the project. Please watch the movie to see what's about to come very soon.

Please contact me, if you'd like to donate - we appreciate any possible help.

The conditions for the project are:
The playground must be sustainable, and be built with as few as possible plastic -  these conditions are really important!.

I'll try to realize a new kids playground for Arenal

The conditions to built the kids playground are not yet fulfilled, but we prepare to make this project happen. The politicians still need to be pushed - I hope, that the area representative, Hon. Jorge Espat, and Mirto Naj,will finally help to push this.

The Village
- need to give us the property next to the new communal center for free
- need to provide us with 3 big trees from the village forest
- need to help get in touch with big companies in Belize
The People
- at least 50 people must help to built the playground
- once a week at least 50 young people must help and learn, how hard it is to create everything and that the playground will be built for their future kids and family, so that they can respect the project at all time
- politics must help to contact some big and small companies in Belize to donate another 1000 US$ to us and donate items
- we need to send kids playground items from the US and Europe to Belize - politics MUST guarantee, that we can import these goods duty and tax free. We really want to donate the money to the kids of Arenal, but don't want to donate 64% of duty and 12.5% of GST to the government. Thank you very much


Donors for the playground

Ursula Hausin Wendelspiess

100 Euro donated at Chateau Duvivier - Thank you very much Ursula - I really appreciate your donation

Richard Sommer

My very first big employer from nearly 50 years ago with a big heart and a very positive mind.
Richard is happy to donate as soon as the project will start.
Thank you very much, Richard!

Write an email to the following email address: info (at)

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