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  • Head of Activities & Entertainment
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • ├ëconome
  • Entertainer
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Kitchen Director
  • Animateur
  • Barman
  • Discjockey
  • Consultant

Having worked in 17 different countries is a real blessing

I had amazing experiences and horrible encounters, but I really appreciate all of them, because they all taught me something and I had the opportunity to get to know new people, new mentalities, new food and beautiful new places.

I do not even want to miss any of my experiences ­čśŹ

My Blog

from time to time you're going to find an interesting story here on this part of the site

Our kids do not have any playground - the former playground is destroyed and in horrible conditions. I've been living in the village since 2004 and wanted to do something especially for the kids. So I decided to donate US$ to start the project. Please watch the movie to see what's about to come very soon.

Please contact me, if you'd like to donate - we appreciate any possible help.In order to make it happen I would need all together 4500 - 5000 US$
The conditions for the project are:
The playground must be sustainable, and be built with as few as possible plastic -  these conditions are really important!.